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About the Artist

Shannon has excelled in the use of etched metal and finds this art form extremely therapeutic; creating circles, spirals, squares, triangle and roses. She makes use of smooth shimmering metal which adds a tranquil depth to her paintings. Her most recent paintings are of triptych (canvas) landscapes – these are beautifully textured landscapes with shimmering metal.

In order to create her stunning work, Shannon uses a limited palette of grey, cream, pale green, blues and neutral colours. White ‘dancing’ calligraphy letters are evident in many of her artworks, adding a unique beauty to her art. Layers of textured paste, oil paint, metal and calligraphy are the very evidence of Shannon’s individual talent, which has put her into a category of distinction. Shannon’s insight and passion for art is evident in her unique artworks which bring warmth, depth and beauty into a room

Shannon has successfully held many exhibitions, including:
AVA Members Exhibition
25 July - 14 Aug 2009

CTAS at The Baxter Theatre (GRP)
1 Sep - 7 Sep 2008

Artscape (Grp)
29 April - 25 May 2008

Art from the heart’ (grp)
Artscape exhibition 12-30 Nov. 2007

Truworths H/O foyer exhibition (solo)
Sept 2007 (

Orange Cactus Gallery (solo) 20 Nov. – 10 Dec. 2006
Nelson Mandela Pta (grp) Nov. 2006
Veo Gallery Art Fair (grp) Oct. 2006

Veo Art Fair 28th April – 1st May 2006
Lindy V Niekerk (grp) 5th – 12 March 2006

Veo Gallery (solo) 15th-25th Nov. 2005
Lindy Van Niekerk (grp) 18 Sept. – 24th Sept 2005
AvA Member’s Exhibition (grp) Aug. – Sept. 2005
Veo Spring FAIR (grp) 2-4th September 2005

Winchester Mansion (solo) 15 June – 11th July 2005
Veo Gallery (solo) 12th – 22nd Oct 2004
AVA Member’s Exhibition (grp) Aug-Sept 2004
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